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When God puts something on your heart… what do you do?  Do you ignore it, hoping it will go away?  Or, do you answer His call?

Our family has always talked about #roadschooling.  That is – homeschool in an RV home.  We’ve been homeschooling since 2001, and were too tied to a mortgage, church, friends, schooling groups, and ministries to ever do anything about it.   That all changed when horrid health hazard inducing neighbors moved in.  Night and day they processed 5 acres worth of pot by burning the left overs in their wood stove with gas masks.  My children were waking in the middle of the night with headaches.  No one could help us because all twelve people had their “cards.”  We felt trapped.  That is, until we decided to just… well… leave!  Goodbye, California – hello Nevada!

Our two year lease is up in November.  So, God released us from our excuses to travel.  The hubs can work from anywhere there is internet.  We have a ministry that will board our horses… and let’s be real… getting rid of years of accumulated junk is just liberating.

Our first step?  Making the decision! We have started giving away, selling, and throwing away all excess.   (including our boat) to purchase a fifth wheel.  We’ve been working on getting out of debt using Dave Ramsey’s plan – and this just fits right in to it all!  We will be adding to savings, putting only our irreplaceable items in storage, and perhaps by November 2013… hitting the road!

When we first talked about it the idea started with a month, then two, then six, THEN a year.  Who knows what the Lord has in store?  Maybe we’ll do this until we’ve seen what we’ve wanted to see!
We have hung up a US map, acquired tacks, numbering stickers, and coordinating the numbers with sights we all want to see.  I may even color coordinate them with family/friends being one color… historical sights, entertainment sights, scientific sights… all being different colors.  **Update – google has an ONLINE map for us to add to.  FUN!  We’re still keeping our tactile map to put pins in as it excites us and keeps us on track.

We also plan to volunteer along the way, at least once a week.  Ministry as the Lord leads – the girls and I sing and I play guitar.
I’m SO thrilled!  Eventually, we are looking at settling down on the northern outskirts of Austin, TX.  Raising our own beef, chickens, pigs, and growing our own produce.  If you are reading this – please pray for wisdom and provision!



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  1. Kimberly Curry
    Kimberly Curry July 13, 2013 at 12:21 am |

    Dear Jen & Family,

    How EXCITING!! I am so Happy for you all! Jerry has been talking about this for over a year and we have looked at different vehicle types, we decided on a 5th wheel for our needs. You will definitely have to keep us posted on how things go. Ours will be after he retires so you will be ahead of us.

    Much Luv from your cousin Kim

  2. Sheila Anderson
    Sheila Anderson July 24, 2013 at 3:02 am |

    How exciting for you and you family, Jen! Looking forward to hearing about all your new experiences, and especially what the Lord is doing through them!

  3. Pat Vanderford
    Pat Vanderford July 26, 2013 at 7:42 pm |

    Sounds exciting. Having been to all 50 states, we could suggest a lot of things to see. Love to all of you. Cousin Pat


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